Unique Starfish Themed Jewelry That Will Reveal Your Inner Ocean Goddess

What is the symbolic meaning of starfish jewelry?

The starfish is the epitome of rebirth and regeneration. This is because this wonderful sea creature can grow back its limbs. Yep, you read right. If a starfish loses an arm, it can quickly grow it back. Now if that isn't bouncing back like a boss I don't know what is. 

My handmade starfish costume jewelry features earrings, chokers, necklace and earring sets, bracelets, anklets and brooches. I absolutely love making starfish foot jewelry, so this style of jewelry features heavily in my designs. They are usually limited edition and sell out pretty quickly. So if you love starfish inspired jewelry and don't want to miss out, be sure to join my Insiders Club to get first access. 

My favorite metal finish to work with is antiqued silver or gold brass. I sometimes also create a copper tone finish. Popular colors in my starfish artisan jewelry are blue, aquamarine, turquoise and purple. 

My jewelry is only available for purchase online and is ready to ship on the next business day. $6 Flat Rate Shipping Worldwide. 

"Love this necklace so much. This was a gift for my mother. She loved it! Nice packaging too." - Jessica, Ireland. 

"Gorgeous. The picture does not do it justice!" - Amy, USA.