Always With You Turtle Figurine

  • $39.00

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  • Featuring a lovely purple, black and gold color scheme
  • Includes a "Always With You" message on its belly (as seen in the second photo)
  • The perfect little gift for turtle lovers
I'm so happy to finally introduce my new Turtles Of Hope Collection to the world. These gorgeous handmade sea turtle figurines measure about 3 inches and each one carries a message of hope on its belly. 

They make great little meaningful companions that you can put on your desk to keep you company while working, on a shelf with other decorations, on your bedside cabinet, etc. 

Handmade from polymer clay. Painted by hand. 

Not only will they make your space more beautiful but they will also be a constant reminder to never give up. We really CAN achieve anything we set our minds to. 


The idea for my new Turtles of Hope collection has been floating around in head for years. Towards the end of last year though, I was really moved to create “something” that would bring people a little bit of joy and most of all, hope.

Hope that we can overcome this pandemic. Hope that we will make it through, even though it sometimes feels like we’re frozen in time. Hope that we will be able to finally turn the page and start a new chapter. A much brighter chapter with sunny, free happy days.

I hope that my Turtles of Hope bring you a little bit of joy and most of all hope of better days.